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What Is a Pap Test?

            Other than our reproductive organs, men and women are pretty much the same. In general, what affects one usually affects the other. However, one of those differences is the risk of cervical cancer in women. Cervical cancer was once the leading cause of death in women until HPV vaccines (read more about HPV here) and pap tests increased the female population’s survival. A Papanicolaou (pap) test, or pap smear, is a preventative screening measure to identify cells in your cervix that are abnormal or will one day become cancerous. If you’re new to pap tests, or it’s just been a while since you’ve completed one, read on for a rundown on what to expect from Oohvie

How Is a Pap Smear Done? 

           This procedure only takes a few moments and is completed in a doctor’s office. The provider will gently scrape away cells from your cervix and later examine them for anything out of the ordinary. Some women report mild discomfort or a small amount of bleeding, but all in all, the procedure is painless. Women should generally complete a pap test every three years starting at age twenty-one. 

When Should I Get a Pap Test? 

           You want your pap test to be as accurate as possible. The best thing to do is to schedule your appointment for about five days after your last period. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t have sex or use any sort of vagina cream or lubricant at least forty-eight hours before your test to ensure the best results. 

How Can I Get a Pap Test?

           Make an appointment with an OB/GYN through DocLynk, the new telemedicine service from HealthLynked. Download HealthLynked for IOS or Android to complete the onboarding process and schedule your wellness checks today.  

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