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Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar,
and Women's Health App

More than just a Period Tracker

A Comprehensive Women's Health App

Accurate, AI-based tracking and prediction of your period and ovulation lets you plan for future events, determine safe times for sexual activity, prepare for a future pregnancy, and monitor any health irregularities.

Log Periods & Symptoms

Log your periods, symptoms,
moods, and activities to track personal health trends.

Track Ovulation
& Pregnancy Chances

View your ovulation calendar as
well as your daily chance of pregnancy to help.

Chat with a Nurse

Chat 1:1 with an experienced
Women's Health Nurse for answers to your health questions.

Custom Health Reminders

Create and set personalized health and wellness reminders to help you stay on track.

Health Articles

Learn about the health topics that matter to you most from medical sources you can trust.

Forums & Private Chat

Share experiences and get support in Oohvie forums and in Private Chat.

Secure, Accurate, and Inclusive

Oohvie Puts You First

Created for women by experienced women’s healthcare professionals, Oohvie is the only menstrual cycle app that offers a comprehensive approach to women’s healthcare along with medical record integration.

HIPAA Compliant & Always Ad-Free.

HIPAA Compliant &
Always Ad-Free.

Oohvie stores your medical information and your profile information separately on secure cloud based servers, which eliminates the possibility of data breaches. Unlike other apps that generate revenue from selling your data, Oohvie is a healthcare app working with the medical community and does not sell your information to third parties.

Your Body, Your Healthcare.

Oohvie uses AI based technology to learn about your cycles and accurately predict your period and ovulation. Use Oohvie’s HIPAA-secure connection to seamlessly add cycle and symptom information to your medical records and share with your doctor via your HealthLynked Patient Profile.

For EVERY Woman.

No matter what your goals are, Oohvie can support you. Whether you’d like to monitor irregular periods, try to conceive, plan for safe sex, taking hormones or just be more involved in your own healthcare.

HealthLynked Medical Record Integration

HealthLynked Medical
Record Integration

Your Healthcare in Your Hands

Your Healthcare
in Your Hands

Unlock even more features by connecting Oohvie to your HealthLynked Patient Health Profile. Add your Oohvie data into your medical records and share them with the doctors you choose using our secure, cloud- based system. Access HealthLynked to search for providers near you, schedule telemedicine appointments, and manage your medical records all in one place. Get even more personalized guidance with HealthLynked's Patient Concierge Service – now included with your Oohvie membership!

What Oohvie Users Are Saying

out of 5
Lisa K.
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Oohvie is a fantastic app for tracking my cycle, and it’s reassuring to know they don’t sell my information like other apps do. It's run by healthcare professionals who prioritize privacy and accuracy. I used the app to show my doctor my cycle history, and it helped him adjust my OCA's effectively. Thanks, Oohvie!!

Betty S.
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I love the Oohvie menstrual tracker app! It's incredibly user-friendly and helps me stay on top of my cycle with accurate predictions and helpful reminders. The insights into my symptoms and moods have been a game-changer for managing my health. Highly recommend!. Five stars!

Olivia M.
Read More
I recommend this app to anyone who cannot make it to their gyno regularly. The Oohvie nurse feature is an awesome way to get my questions answered by an actual nurse!

Ava D.
Read More
Super easy to use and many options- not just a tracker but moods and birth control management. I have been a user for 6 months. I love the reminder options.

Mia A.
Read More
The app is super easy to use and accurate with its predictions. I would love to see a weekly report to highlight some issues in my cycle.

Fatimat P.
Read More
This app is awesome with cool features and wholesome content. I give it a 4 and not a 5 because I wanted to know more about the Healthlynked connection but I am not sure what it is.

Michelle O.
Read More
Amazing- I love this app its super easy to use and I love the user interface and graphics. Its pretty accurate to my period but I have never been very regular. I recommend to other users I like it better than flo they don’t sell my data and don’t market to me.

Kasia W.
Read More
I downloaded this app and went through the whole sign-up process to find there is no free option. Really disappointing.

Steph C.
Read More
I absolutely love this App and have been using it to track my periods for 5 months and it has never let me down. Highly recommend this app!

Camila V.
Read More
So helpful- I thought I was having short cycles but after tracking with the app for 3 months I realized I was getting close to menopause. I told my doctor and showed him my cycle history and he checked my FSH level sure enough I am in early menopause.

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