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Home screen upgrades!
Our new, simplified home screen combines the log periods and symptoms functionality with an added “today” button, so you can quickly return to the current date when swiping through the days. All-new symptom and flow icons on the bottom of the screen make it easy to review your feelings and symptoms.
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All-new Log Periods and Symptoms interface!
Your most vital information is readily available at the top of the page. Now you can quickly start or stop your period, record spotting, and enter your weight and sleep.
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All-new Log Periods and Symptoms interface!
We added menstrual flow and birth control pills to the symptoms page, allowing for more detailed information that is shared to your HealthLynked Profile. Quickly navigate between days and make logs for multiple days at a time directly in the log periods and symptoms screen.
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New products in
the Oohvie Shop!
Check out the new Oohvie Fashion line of fun, colorful shirts, leggings, phone cases, and bags featuring Sasha and the Oohvie logo in stylish, playful designs.
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Don't miss a thing with
our new notifications!
We created in-app notifications to make it easier to see and respond to new chat messages and user activity in the Oohvie Community Forums.