Are You Too Isolated?

Let’s be honest. It’s been a lonely year for all of us. The pandemic has kept us in our homes, removed from the people, places, and activities we love most. It’s not just a question of being unable to gather or travel. Humans are inherently social creatures. When we don’t interact with one another, it can have serious physical and mental health side effects. Have you been noticing a change in your behavior, habits, or health? Do you need to get out a little more? Take the quiz to find out.
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Your online shopping has gotten out of control.
If you find that you’re spending a lot more time (and money) buying anything that strikes your fancy (and you weren’t doing this before), then you might be trying to fill a void in your life with material things. Studies show that there’s a correlation between impulse buying and isolation.
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You’re running out of things to binge-watch.
Watching too much television is another method of filling a void. You’re bored and experiencing emotions you’d rather not, so you’re immersing yourself in fictional worlds. From time to time, this is fine, even healthy. If this has become an everyday thing, it might be time to reassess.
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Social media is where you live.
There are social media professionals that don’t spend as much time on Facebook as you do. Like shopping and TV, you’re doing this to fill a void. Try taking a little break and filling that empty space with something concrete instead.
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You’ve gained or lost a lot of weight.
Rampant weight gain or loss is rarely good. It’s a classic sign of emotional turmoil and depression. Have you been stress eating? Eating at strange times or the wrong things? Time to get back on a regular feeding schedule and focus on feeding your body the right kind of fuel.
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You’re sick all the time.
If this isn’t normal for you, then you might be trapped in the sick>home>sick>home cycle. Loneliness and isolation tend to weaken the immune system. You’re sick, so you stay home, which makes you lonelier, which in turn makes you sick again. Break out of your routine. Try calling someone or going for a walk in the sunshine.
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Things have fallen into disrepair around the house.
“No one comes over, so why bother fixing it?” Thoughts like these are a sign you’re too isolated. You’re not planning for future interactions at all. You’re not taking care of your personal space. It doesn’t seem like a priority to you. Not good. Start making those repairs and invite friends over to see what you’ve done. Your body and mind will thank you.
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You’re having trouble being around people/accepting invitations.
It’s a catch-22 of isolated people: You’re alone and don’t want to be (most of the time), but when someone invites you out or tries to connect, you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t see them. Maybe the thought of being around people or in public makes you anxious. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s hard, but the more you try to interact, the easier it will be.
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You’re making too much of everything.
The more time we spend alone, the more we tend to ruminate. We sit there fixated on a minor inconvenience until eventually, it seems as if our whole universe hinges on that one tiny thing.
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You’re exhausted.
Are you sleeping too much, too little, or just feel plain tired no matter how much you sleep? Believe it or not, the lack of stimulation is what’s causing you to feel fatigued all the time. Try to expend some energy and watch how fast you catch rest zzz’s.
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You’re noticing signs of depression.
If your isolation and loneliness have gotten to the point where all you feel is a cloud of despair, then it’s time to see and doctor and a mental health professional. No one should feel that way, and you certainly don’t have to. Find help on HealthLynked today.

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