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We want to improve healthcare for all women in every stage of their lives through our technologies, services, and efficient exchange of information.

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Our Values

Trust is paramount to Oohvie. Women trust us to provide reliable, relevant information, and the exchange of information between patients and doctors on a safe, secure and private platform.


Oohvie strives to improve healthcare, and to do that, we work as a team by joining patients, doctors, and our strategic partners for feminine healthcare.


No woman should feel alone. Oohvie strives to create a safe community for women to share their stories, struggles, achievements, and advice.


Oohvie improves women’s healthcare through connections, engagement, and the efficient exchange of information between patients and doctors.


We strive to give women information that is reliable, current and factual and that will help women live their healthiest lives.


Through innovative ideas and technologies, we can improve the future of healthcare for all women.

Our Story

Oohvie is the premier healthcare app for women that will globally transform women’s health with cutting edge technology, AI-driven diagnoses and treatment, and the most accurate medical information available.

Why Oohvie

Oohvie was created to further HealthLynked’s mission to improve healthcare for every patient world-wide with the convenient, seamless transfer of accurate medical information between patients and their healthcare providers through our secure app and HealthLynked Network resources. We recognized that a woman’s menstrual cycle can affect her health in numerous ways. We have create technology that can help all women in every stage of their lives take control of their health with the use of a powerful, convenient mobile app and website interface that integrates seamlessly with HealthLynked.

The Big Picture

CEO and Chairman of the Board of HealthLynked Corporation, Dr. Michael Dent, was an OBGYN for 25 years. His insights into healthcare and technology allow him to see future trends and opportunities in healthcare. He is passionate about his vision to change healthcare and improve the lives of millions of patients through artificial intelligence. Through this pursuit, Dr. Dent has created Oohvie, a women’s healthcare app. HealthLynked is the parent company of Naples Women’s Center, Naples Center for Functional Medicine, Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy, MedOfficeDirect, and Cura Health Management, LLC.

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We want to know what you're interested in.

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